My website needs new images

Looking to the images on this website, I realise that I do have to make time to get some new images. The past 2 years, I do not have much time shooting as a hobby. While the photography business has been picking up its pace,  I realise the artistic side of photography has taken a step back.

It's true that once your passion becomes your work, you tend to put more effort to do the job. The clients love the precision that we produce. But over time, this super efficient ability eats up the artistic soul, the freedom to express your own mind.

So, perhaps I should devote some time for some personal works. I recall the excitement back in my early days of photography where I planned many private photography projects every weekend. I think I must put some effort in reviving that spirit and at least one personal shoot per month. :)

I don't think I can do this alone though. If you are keen to work with me on this, either as a model, make-up or stylist, or technical expert, do drop me a message. Would love to share ideas and make great images for the sake of passion and art.