Suddenly it’s May!

it’s been a pretty fast year in 2019. Four months gone. Still planning on my next 5 years strategy. 

Working at my studio. 

Working at my studio. 

The fresh paint smell still lingers in the studio as I have just painted the floor and walls to pure white. 

Looking forward to April 2019

After so many years of being a full time photographer, the time has come to start planning for the next stage of my photography journey.

Many of my friends suggested me to start teaching photography. I tried a session earlier this year. Seems not that difficult to teach but I do need to put more effort in reaching out to more people about my classes.

I probably will do another run in April. A more in-depth lesson in studio photography would be fun I guess.

Razin! Welcome back! ...again

Well, I am back to hosting my website in Squarespace again. 

I was hosting my website using Wordpress because it is an open source platform and ...lots of free stuff. However I find having to maintain the upgrades, patches, errors, cyber attacks become quite an effort. Over time. I felt I was becoming more of a IT person than a photographer. So here I am back again after a long absence on Squarespace. Perhaps WIX and maybe similar sites will be just as good. I have to try to know the difference but not now. Will post up the recent works here in next few days.. or weeks... :)

Oh, I got myself a nice photography signature!

razin photography logo 2017

Star Wars - Selangor Pewter collection

Darth Vader - Limited Edition Selangor Pewter collection.

Darth Vader - Limited Edition Selangor Pewter collection.

The entrance

The entrance

Bought a limited edition Darth Vader from Royal Selangor. This figurine is made of Pewter and there is only 5000 pieces worldwide.  The detailing of each figurine is achieved using different processes including polishing, buffing and staining.




First post via app and wireless Bluetooth headset

Cool! Just found out that I can post my blogs through an app via my phone. That makes it easier to post on the fly!  

I bought a pre-loved Bluetooth earphones (yeah, limited budget but great savings) and realized I can plug my existing headset (also from Carousell)  to it! Now I can enjoy music anywhere in my house  as it connects to my Mac too! 


Jabra Tag with Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Jabra Tag with Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Sounds great! 

My website needs new images

Looking to the images on this website, I realise that I do have to make time to get some new images. The past 2 years, I do not have much time shooting as a hobby. While the photography business has been picking up its pace,  I realise the artistic side of photography has taken a step back.

It's true that once your passion becomes your work, you tend to put more effort to do the job. The clients love the precision that we produce. But over time, this super efficient ability eats up the artistic soul, the freedom to express your own mind.

So, perhaps I should devote some time for some personal works. I recall the excitement back in my early days of photography where I planned many private photography projects every weekend. I think I must put some effort in reviving that spirit and at least one personal shoot per month. :)

I don't think I can do this alone though. If you are keen to work with me on this, either as a model, make-up or stylist, or technical expert, do drop me a message. Would love to share ideas and make great images for the sake of passion and art.



Moving on

I finally made a complete move to squarespace for this website. I was looking for a blog site that is easy to work on. No need for deep understanding of website designs.

A friend of mine showed me this site and after a  year of try-outs (yeah I was kinda busy..), I finally moved all the stuff over. Even now the email is moved to this site so that all is under one admin page.


My first post

Its almost the end of the first half of 2014.

The world cup is in the 2nd round of 16 teams.

The first day of fasting has just ended.