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Razin Razor

Razin (also known as Razin Razor / Raz1n ) is a full time professional photographer living in Singapore. His passion in photography has made him decide to live his life as a photographer. 

He started his photography in the early 1990s as a young adult with a simple hobby. 20 years later, he has built one of the largest professional photography studio (MacPherson Studio) in Singapore and taken countless photographs along the way.

His works has been published in various magazines, newspapers and online articles. With a large followers on Facebook (about 30000 likes), he is actively looking for new opportunities to create and engage his fans on various social media sites.

His lifestyle and portrait photography are his primary genre and he is available for assignments both in Singapore and overseas. Razin is assisted by a team of creative professionals as make up artists, stylists, creative directors and producers. 

He is also the Director of Pixel Gallery Pte Ltd since 2013 leading a team of visual artists to produce marketing and advertising visuals for the corporate clients.



2009 October

Goth art featuring works from Razin Razor at DXO . This art exhibits an eclectic mix with a penchant for twisted tragedy. When chandeliers cast their sultry glow upon their heartworks. What the dark and alternative means to each artist converge into the tenet: Marrying the weird and the wonderful with positively no discrimination, while striking contrast to the everyday with wicked relish



An joint exhibition by Singapore photographers with a theme For Singapore By Singapore. Razor photos capturing Singapore every day scenes.



Razin photo exhibition at Millenia Walk


Razin photo exhibition at Millenia Walk